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    (This is a HANDS-ON, Job Description)

    "Personal care tasks" means assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing, and eating; and may include but are not limited to proper nutrition, home management, housekeeping tasks, ambulation and transfer, and medically related activities, including the taking of vital signs only in conjunction with the above tasks.

    Any CNA hired after the effective date of these rules shall have the following training and/or experience. Successful completion of nurse aide training and competency evaluation program pursuant to the requirements of 42 CPR Part 483, Subpart D, as revised or recodifies, if applicable; or Successful completion of competency examination for nurse aides recognized by the department; or Successful completion of a health care or personal care credentialing program recognized and approved by the department. OR

    Successful completion or progress in the completion of a 40-hour training program provided by a private home care provider, which addresses at least the following areas:

    Ambulation and transfer of clients, including positioning;
    Assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing, and eating;
    Basic first aid and CPR;
    Caring for clients with special conditions and needs so long as the services are within the scope of the tasks authorized to be performed by demonstration;
    Home management;
    Home safety and sanitation;
    Infection control in the home;
    Medically related activities to include the taking of vital signs;and
    Proper nutrition.

    A training program described in rule ,09(5)(c). (iv) must be conducted under the direction of a licensed registered professional nurse, or a health care professional with commensurate education and experience. Twenty hours of the program must be completed by the employee prior to serving clients and the additional twenty hours must be completed within six months of the date the training initially began. No PCA shall be assigned to perform a task for which training has not been completed and competency has not been determined. No PCA shall be assigned to care for a client with special conditions unless the PCA has received training and has demonstrated competency in performing such services related to such special conditions.

    This agency provides personal care tasks, and such tasks, shall be performed by a qualified CNA under the direction of a supervisor as required, in accordance with the client's service plan. CNA Certification is also a component required if acting in the capacity of this job description.


    1. In addition to following the service plan, a I must report on the personal care needs of the client, on changes in the client's condition, and on any observed problems that affect the client.

    2. Licensed and is also authorized to perform personal care tasks.

    a.The I who delivers the services must have access to and be knowledgeable of the client's service plan at the time services are provided.

    b. As personal care needs change or problems emerge, the I must document changes or need for changes

    c. There are other non-medical, non-hand on services that can and may be provided; this is not an inclusive list just sample of many services one may provide under this job description.
    This may be documented on the task sheet and task to perform may be as follows:

    • Tub Bathing

    • Washing hair and body

    • Take vitals

    • Observation of skin changes & skin care

    • Supervising and reporting changes in client's condition

    • Feeding

    • Vital Signs

    • Cut toe nails (non-diabetic)

    • Bathing, shampoo hair, oral hygiene, and general skin care

    • Assists with dressing or grooming

    • Assists with mobility and ambulation

    • Feed patients and/or provide fluids

    • Assists with toileting activities

    • Assists with use of bedpan,

    • Changing diapers

    • Other Hygiene tasks

    • Bed Bath

    • Tub Bath

    • Shower Chair

    • Apply lotion to back

    • Apply lotion to feet

    I accept, acknowldege and comprehend all responsibilities assigned by this agency.



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